Hart Studio Architecture PLLC

Catskill Historic


Rosendale, NY


Remodel and Restoration


In Design

Nestled in the heart of Rosendale, NY, this historic dwelling awaits a transformation that will breathe new life into its well-worn walls. The renovation aims to revitalize the home's architectural charm while enhancing its livability for future residents.

With a focus on preserving the home's rich heritage, the project will address structural issues, ensuring the home's enduring stability. Waterproofing and insulation measures will safeguard the structure from moisture damage while improving energy efficiency. Exterior and interior finishes will be carefully repaired or replaced, restoring the home's aesthetic appeal and functionality.

To modernize the home's infrastructure, new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be installed, ensuring the smooth operation of essential utilities. The interior layout will be thoughtfully redesigned to optimize space utilization and create modern, functional living spaces, including a contemporary kitchen and updated bathrooms.

This transformative project will not only restore the home's physical integrity but also rekindle its spirit, ensuring that its legacy will continue to grace the Rosendale landscape for generations to come.